Id Monster(s) Message
1 TestFroggit, TestFroggit, TestFroggit TestMonster and its cohorts draw near!
2 Dummy You encountered the Dummy.
3 Froggit Froggit attacks you!
4 Froggit Froggit hopped close!
5 Whimsun Whimsun approached meekly!
6 Froggit, Whimsun Froggit and Whimsun drew near!
7 Moldsmal Moldsmal blocked the way!
8 Moldsmal, Moldsmal, Moldsmal You tripped into a line of Moldsmals.
9 Froggit, Froggit A pair of Froggits hop towards you.
10 Moldsmal, Moldsmal Moldsmal and Moldsmal block the way.
11 Moldsmal, Migosp Migosp crawled up close!
12 Migosp, Vegetoid Vegetoid came out of the earth!
13 Loox Loox drew near!
14 Vegetoid, Loox Vegetoid and Loox attacked!
15 Loox, Vegetoid, Migosp Loox and co. decided to pick on you!
16 Vegetoid, Vegetoid A pair of Vegetoids came out of the ground!
17 Loox, Loox A pair of Loox decided to pick on you!
18 Vegetoid Vegetoid came out of the earth!
19 But nobody came.
20 Napstablook Here comes Napstablook.
21 Loox Loox drew near!
22 Toriel Toriel blocks the way!
23 Doggo Doggo blocks the way!
24 Lesser Dog Lesser Dog appears.
25 Dogamy, Dogaressa Dogi assault you!
26 Greater Dog It's the Greater Dog.
27 Papyrus Papyrus blocks the way!
28 Gyftrot Gyftrot confronts you!
30 Snowdrake Snowdrake flutters forth!
30 (alt) Chilldrake Chilldrake saunters up!
31 Chilldrake, Chilldrake Chilldrakes flutter forth!
32 Icecap Icecap struts into view.
33 Icecap, Snowdrake Icecap and Snowdrake pose like bad guys.
33 (alt) Icecap, Chilldrake Icecap and Chilldrake pose like bad guys.
34 Jerry Jerry clings to you!
35 Icecap, Jerry Icecap appears. Jerry came too.
36 Icecap, Jerry, Snowdrake Icecap and Snowdrake confront you, sighing. Jerry.
40 Aaron Aaron flexes in!
41 Temmie Special enemy Temmie appears here to defeat you!!
42 Moldsmal, Moldsmal You walk into Moldsmal.
43 Woshua Woshua shuffles up.
44 Shyren Shyren hides in the corner but somehow encounters you anyway.
45 Mad Dummy Mad Dummy blocks the way!
46 Aaron, Woshua You shouldn't read this.
47 Undyne
48 Mettaton Mettaton attacks!
49 RG 01, RG 02 Royal Guard attacks!
50 Tsunderplane Tsunderplane gets in the way!&Not on purpose or anything.
51 Vulkin Vulkin strolls in.
52 Pyrope Pyrope bounds towards you!
53 Moldsmal, Moldsmal You walk into Moldsmal.
54 Woshua, Aaron Woshua and Aaron appear.
55 Moldbygg, Woshua Moldbygg and Woshua appear.
56 Muffet Muffet traps you!
57 Mettaton Mettaton attacks!
58 Undyne
59 Madjick Madjick pops out of its hat!
60 Knight Knight Knight Knight blocks the way!
61 Final Froggit Final Froggit was already there, waiting for you
62 Astigmatism Astigmatism drew near.
63 Whimsalot Whimsalot rushed in!
64 Whimsalot, Final Froggit Whimsalot and Final Froggit appeared.
65 Whimsalot, Astigmatism Whimsalot and Astigmatism appeared.
66 Final Froggit, Astigmatism Final Froggit and Astigmatism appeared.
67 Final Froggit, Astigmatism, Whimsalot What a nightmare!
68 Knight Knight, Madjick Mercenaries emerge from the shadows.
69 Bomb Defuse the bomb!
70 Bomb Defuse the dog!
71 Bomb Defuse the extremely agile glass of water!
72 Bomb Defuse the script!
73 Bomb Defuse the basketball!
74 Bomb Defuse the present!
75 Bomb Defuse the game!
76 RG04, RG03 Royal Guard attacks!
77 Tsunderplane, Vulkin Tsunderplane attacks! Not because it's jealous Vulkin is paying attention to you!
78 Pyrope, Pyrope The rare and threatening Double Davis.
79 Vulkin, Vulkin A strange parade blocks the path.
80 Mettaton Mettaton attacks!
81 Mettaton EX Mettaton EX makes his premiere!
82 Lemon Bread Smells like sweet lemons.
83 Reaper Bird ,
84 Amalgamate (Snowdrake's mom) It's so cold.
85 Memoryhead, Memoryhead, Memoryhead drew near!
86 Endogeny It's the Amalgamate.
87 Lost Soul (Undyne) The Lost Soul appeared.
88 Lost Soul, Lost Soul (Papyrus, Sans) The Lost Souls appeared.
89 Lost Soul (Alphys) The Lost Soul appeared.
90 Lost Soul, Lost Soul (Toriel, Asgore) The Lost Souls appeared.
91 Monster Kid In my way.
92 Undyne the Undying The heroine appears.
93 Glad Dummy Glad Dummy lets you go.
94 Mettaton NEO Mettaton NEO blocks the way!
95 Sans
100 Asgore
101 Asgore ASGORE attacks!
120 Final Froggit, Astigmatism That doesn't seem correct.
121 Final Froggit, Migospel Final Froggit stopped chasing Migospel around.
122 Parsnik Parsnik slithered out of the earth!
123 Moldessa, Moldessa You tripped over some Moldessas.
124 Moldessa, Moldessa, Moldessa A line of Moldessas block the path.
125 Final Froggit, Whimsalot Can you believe it?
126 Final Froggit Final Froggit hopped in...?
127 Whimsalot, Parsnik Whimsalot and Parsnik appeared.
128 Moldessa, Migospel Migospel flutters in, carrying Moldessa.
129 Parsnik, Migospel Migospel flutters in, carrying Parsnik.
130 Parsnik, Parsnik Parsniks hissed out of the earth!
131 Parsnik, Astigmatism Not only potatoes have eyes.
132 Astigmatism, Astigmatism Eyes appeared from the shadows.
133 Astigmatism, Migospel, Moldessa Looks like a real party.
134 Whimsalot, Parsnik, Moldessa Party from Hell.
135 Glyde Glyde swooped in!
140 So Sorry You're blocked in politely!
255 Asriel Dreemurr It's the end.
256 Asriel ASRIEL blocks the way!